Hi guys, welcome to the podcast page of my blog.

I’m still figuring out the podcast thing In fact, I’m not sure if PODCAST is even the correct word to use for what I’m doing.

Most podcasters have guests on their show and do interviews. But if you’ve known me for more than five minutes, you know that there is NO FRICKIN WAY that is gonna happen here because anxiety yay.

My podcast is basically just an audio version of some of my blog posts. Sorry if these early episodes sound a little cringey. I’m workin on it.

Here are the episodes of the Chris Desatoff Podcast currently available*:

Business & Career

EPISODE 1: Why I Write for Content Mills**

EPISODE 3: Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It


Health & Fitness

EPISODE 4: How a Scale Can Help You Lose Weight


Personal Growth

EPISODE 2: You Gotta Break the Rules to Grow



EPISODE 5: Why Do Relationships Get So Weird?


*These all link to Apple Podcasts. But if you prefer, you can also find my podcast on several other podcasting apps/platforms. Just search inside your app or do a google search in your browser.

**This episode mentions old blogs no longer in existence, so ignore those mentions. You are already on my CURRENT and ONLY and probably LAST blog ever – Chris Desatoff DOT COM 🙂


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