I originally wrote this list of ways to stop late-night snacking during the last 6 weeks of 2020.


I didn’t follow all of these little weight loss tips, and I wasn’t all that consistent even with the ones that I DID follow. But my imperfect effort was good enough that I ended up losing 9 lbs total during that 6-week weight loss challenge, and I was pretty happy with that.

But then over the next couple years, I gained that back plus several more pounds, reaching an all-time high of 337 lbs in December 2021.

But I turned it around (down 70+ lbs from my heaviest) and made even more progress toward curbing my occasional late-night binges. You can follow my weight loss journey blog updates on here if you’re interested.


Anyway, here’s the list that I came up with back then of 21 ways to help me reduce my habit of snacking at night…


  1. Eat some “comfort food” at dinner to satisfy my cravings
  2. Drink extra water in the evening
  3. Put “NO SNACKING” reminder notes on kitchen cupboard and fridge
  4. Write “I do not eat snacks at night” 100x a day
  5. Keep a “NO SNACKING” rule card in my pocket every day
  6. Post a “NO SNACKS” note on my desk wall
  7. Write “NO SNACKING” on my hand – in Sharpie!
  8. Go to bed earlier
  9. Drink hot lemonade at night
  10. Repeat “I do not eat snacks at night” 10x every hour at night
  11. Read from weight loss book at night
  12. Stand up weight loss book on desk at night in plain sight
  13. Set reminder alarms every hour from 6-bedtime
  14. Research how to stop binge eating
  15. Have a non-judgy accountability partner
  16. Eat 4 slices of whole wheat bread with dinner
  17. Chew gum at dinner
  18. Drink caffeine free diet soda at night
  19. Reward myself for NOT snacking at night (with a NON-FOOD reward duh)
  20. “Give in” but intentionally binge on low-cal snacks at night
  21. Split dinner in half and eat the other half as a “snack” later on


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21 Ways to Stop Late-Night Snacking
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